Oxalis palmifrons

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Thanks to Roy and Gastil for sharing photos and information on Oxalis
palmifrons.  It has very interesting foliage.  I've added this to my plant
want list.

Thank again,

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I'd like to share a picture of O. palmifrons that we found in South Africa
on the IBSA tour back in 2011. This was at the top of the Komberg Pass,
south of Sutherland in the Northern Cape. This was by far the coldest
location we encountered on the trip, and it was *very* windy. Full sun, of
course. I also posted this pic and a couple of others to iNaturalist.
https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/53115425/  The consensus there was
that these plants were much larger than usual. One of the resident South
African oxalis experts speculated that this population may be polyploid. The
palmifrons we encountered closer to Middelpos were much smaller, but still
larger than ones we have in cultivation. All of which makes you wonder if
the one we have in cultivation is a diploid...

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5F this morning

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