Weather and plants

Elaine Jek via pbs
Thu, 21 Jan 2021 10:29:31 PST
I’m starting to get interested in weather and temperature patterns in my area, SF Bay Area zone 9b. 
I often check the site. I’m fortunate that I’m very near Stanford which I think collects data. 

Recently I saw this on the chart where the dew point dips way below freezing but the ambient temperature is around 40°F. 

I read somewhere this could lead to black frost where plants turn black and rot away within a short time. 

If temps are 40ish and dew point is way under freezing, should I start covering plants to protect tender ones from dying? Which number should I pay attention to? 

Also looking for recommendations for an outdoor thermometer that is accurate.
I was gifted a Netatmo (newfangled digital outdoor thermometer). It’s reading is not lining up with my observations. (Eg. At 8am after sun goes up, temp still remains at 33°F)
Does anyone know how accurate this is?

Much thanks,
-Elaine Jek.

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