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This may be obvious to all of you hot-weather folks, but here in the
NorthEast, I have to ask; why not simply use some kind of air conditioning
unit like they use in a hotel room? Set it at 80 (or whatever) and forget
about it?
I turned a historic barn/garage into my plant house with 2 inch thick rigid
pink foam boards on the walls, and doubled up (with air space between the
layers) in the ceiling. I have not even needed to turn my heater on yet
this winter because the lights generate enough ambient heat to keep it
where it's comfortable.
I agree this is a fantastic thread.
Jude (Zone 6a; northeastern coastal Massachusetts)

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 9:54 AM Chad Cox via pbs <> wrote:

> Bob,
> I do currently have misters set up, and they work all right keeping the
> temperature down. But I mostly collect Hippeastrum species and other bulbs
> that like to be mostly dry, and I have found that the extra water on them
> is not appreciated. Also I have hard water and so when the misters are on
> it leaves a white calcium residue on the leaves of the plants below the
> misters. Also undesirable. I am considering a “cooling wall” in my new
> greenhouse instead of misters.
> Chad in Elverta CA
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