New Year's flower Count

Robert Parks via pbs
Sat, 02 Jan 2021 18:50:20 PST
 In misty San Francisco, a wander around the yard produced: Zantedeschia
White Giant, Calceolaria mexicana and a dwarf hybrid (red, both are
questionable annuals in my conditions), Canaria canariensis, Haemanthus
albiflos (the H. pauculifolius are showing that they are albiflos, as I
expected), Dombeya macrantha (small tree, the pink inflorescences are more
robust in the winter), Lachenalia viridiflora, Rhododendron (spoiling the
spring show), Oxalis purpurea of a number of forms, Oxalis obtusa
(various), flava, stenorhyncha, Sisyrinchium Quaint & Queer (everblooming,
but not interestingly so), Leucoryne tiny Jewels (amazingly long lasting
flowers!), Arctotis hybrids(groundcover daisies), Mimulus bifidus (bush,
white, native), Acis tingitana, Narcissus romieuxii, Albuca Augrabies Hills
and osmynella?, Nemophila menziesii (Baby Blue Eyes, native), Cotula
linearloba (another daisy groundcover), Sidalcea malviflora Purpetta (time
to deadhead), Lotus jacobeus (black flowered bean relative), Thunbergia
alata. In the back, there are flowers on the Hydrangea, Abutilon, and the
common calla lily.

Thanks to the BXs for several of these!

I'm right on the border between USDA 10a/10b with rare visits to the lower
30s and chance of radiational frost in open areas, normal lows are in the



On Sat, Jan 2, 2021 at 2:48 PM Vlad Hempel via pbs <> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Here in Berlin Germany, I have these in bloom at the moment:
> 1. Cyclamen coum ‘Rubrum’
> 2. Cyclamen coum silver leaf form
> 3. Narcissus Bishop Joy
> 4. Narcissus Autumn Colors
> 5. Crocus laevigatus fontenayi
> Hope it stays mild!
> Cheers,
> Vlad
> On Sat 2. Jan 2021 at 22:59 Mary Sue Ittner via pbs <
>> wrote:
> > Gastil lives south of me and Jane north of me and I have a couple of the
> > same things in flower for each, but others as well.
> >
> > In Northern coastal California where it is foggy and cool here is my
> > report. Bulbs in the ground or pots outside, partly sheltered from the
> > rain or not: Narcissus romieuxii, Crocus laevigatus, Cyclamen coum,
> > Cyclamen cilicium (one pot flowering since July), Cyclamen cyprium,
> > Cyclamen pseudibericum, Massonia longipes, Clivia robusta, Lachenalia
> > quadricolor I think, Lachenalia hybrid (viridiflora x aloides, before it
> > was split), Oxalis luteola, Oxalis glabra, Oxalis purpurea (the Oxalis
> > flowers are closed today because of the weather), Iris unguicularis,
> > Moraea polystachya (flowering since September, but not for long I
> > suspect), and Fessia greilhuberi.  A few in the unheated greenhouse:
> > Haemanthus deformis, Haemanthus paucifolius, and Canarina canariensis.
> > As for non bulbous flowers, many of the flowers and shrubs are looking a
> > big worse for the wear after rain overnight and no sun to dry them off.
> > After our fires and our continuing drought I'm not complaining however.
> > My garden has low nutrient acidic mostly decomposed sandstone soil  and
> > gets very little summer water and has a lot of trees, especially
> > redwoods and those roots travel to any source of water (including
> > compost piles). So to live in my garden you have to be tough. In flower
> > now, a number of South African Ericas and one from Europe, a Protea, a
> > Kunzea, several Grevilleas, an Epacris, a few Correas, one of my
> > Camellia japonicas; even a Rosmarinus and Tibouchina urvilleana has a
> > few rain soaked flowers. There are a few annuals that have lived more
> > than a year (snapdragon, calendula, cuphea.) All these are in the open
> > garden except for the annuals which are in containers. There are monocot
> > bulb leaves coming up everywhere as well as Cyclamen leaves. It's
> > probably a bit out of control.
> >
> > Mary Sue
> >
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