Robert Lauf via pbs
Thu, 07 Jan 2021 10:37:04 PST
I don't know what they charge for the trailer-mounted item, but it looks a lot like the Montecito from Santa Barbara Greenhouses.  If the attraction is that it's already built and just dragged to your site, I suspect the cost will reflect their doing the labor instead of you.

Depending on how warm you need to keep it, a triple-wall polycarbonate could likely pay for itself with lower heating costs compared to double-wall.  Here in TN, when I replaced the redwood/plate glass structure with double-wall PC, the difference was immediate and dramatic.  Note that in a smaller structure, you can also line it with bubble wrap in winter, or cover the roof with bubble wrap if you're prone to serious hailstorms.  I didn't check to see if SBG has a triple-wall option.

If you really want to DIY, I think Charley's Greenhouse supply sells sheets of double and triple wall PC.  If not, the material is certainly easy to find.

Luminita, if you want to discuss more specifics based on my experience, please feel free to call me.  I talk faster than I type!  865-483-8798


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