Weather and plants

Mike via pbs
Thu, 21 Jan 2021 15:57:03 PST
Hello Elaine,
There are a lot of variables packed into your email. One of the great
things about the Bay Area is all the microclimate that are in a very small
area.  It can also present challenges as you have come to understand.  So
I’m fairly familiar with the general peninsula and I’d say that if you were
on the East side of Stanford near sea level and the bay. Your weather could
be far different then living in the hills above it or the suburbs a little
north or south.  I think you are on the right track with your own backyard
weather station . Especially with so many temperature moderating elements
so close together.  The weather station you have is a great one...if it’s
sighted correctly.  The instructions that it came with give sighting
requirements to help it deliver accurate readings... the good news is with
the model number you can find the info you need on the internet...or call
mfg. I’ve set up weather stations for the past 20 years for myself, family
and friends.  Sighting the weather station per mfg directions is so
important to getting the data you want to make decisions on.

If you decide you need something else besides the Natatmo.  There is a
great guide to personal weather stations at the Weather Underground website
and it also has a section on general rules to sighting your weather
station. There are many easy to set up accurate units for less then $
200.00 that website compares many of the most common.

Hope this helps,


On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 10:29 AM Elaine Jek via pbs <> wrote:

> I’m starting to get interested in weather and temperature patterns in my
> area, SF Bay Area zone 9b.
> I often check the site. I’m fortunate that I’m very near
> Stanford which I think collects data.
> Recently I saw this on the chart where the dew point dips way below
> freezing but the ambient temperature is around 40°F.
> I read somewhere this could lead to black frost where plants turn black
> and rot away within a short time.
> If temps are 40ish and dew point is way under freezing, should I start
> covering plants to protect tender ones from dying? Which number should I
> pay attention to?
> Also looking for recommendations for an outdoor thermometer that is
> accurate.
> I was gifted a Netatmo (newfangled digital outdoor thermometer). It’s
> reading is not lining up with my observations. (Eg. At 8am after sun goes
> up, temp still remains at 33°F)
> Does anyone know how accurate this is?
> Much thanks,
> -Elaine Jek.
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