Mystery bulb

Jim Foster via pbs
Sat, 02 Jan 2021 15:11:03 PST
I have had this bulb for over 20 years and it still refuses to flower.  
My wife and I refer to it as the miracle plant because it resurrects 2-3 
times every year.  Greg DeChirico thinks it is a Ammocharis due to its 
truncated leaf tips.  It has been in pots inside and outside during the 
summer in Southeast PA and here in Santa Barbara.  I moved it outside 
for good a couple of years ago to my small bulb garden and its behavior 
has not changed one iota.  It is dormant now before and after our recent 
rain.  When I planted out out the bulb was about 3" in diameter and and 
in good health.  I suspect it may be due to its watering regimen but 
over the years it has been exposed to any number of wet/ dry conditions.


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