Fragrant Amaryllis

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Fri, 22 Jan 2021 08:54:39 PST
Fred, also, Parkinson's affects my sense of taste and smell. l purchased some beautiful seedlings from a local breeder about 15 years ago that were fragrant. l potted them in 4 gallon nursery pots, but tennis ball size bulbs disappeared the next season, never knew what happened to them.

I would try having someone else give a sniff.
There are some folks that are blind ( in a nose sense) to certain scents.
My wife can't smell some of my bulb flowers which I find very fragrant.

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I recently purchased Amaryllis ‘Picasso’ from Scheepers - billed as “the most fragrant of all Amaryllis” - it send up three vigorous stalks, bloomed beautifully, but there is absolutely zero fragrance.

I tried detecting it at all times of day.  (My sense of smell is good, so …) nothing.

When I emailed Shceepers they assured me that I received the correct product.  I know some of the papillo strains are said to be fragrant, and of course A. belladonna. But I was counting on a fragrant bloom from A. ‘Picasso".

Anyone have any similar experience with Amaryllis ?

Fred Bové
San Francisco CA
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