Looking for Dichelostemma volubile corms

Linda Press Wulf via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Fri, 22 Jan 2021 11:35:16 PST
I would love to try growing the twining form of Dichelostemma in my area of California natives. Could anyone share a corm or two of D volubile?  I would happily pay for postage or pick up in the SF Bay Area.  Thanks to the PBS wiki for the following information. 

. Dichelostemma volubile (Kellogg) A.Heller (syn. Brodiaea volubilis (Kellogg) Baker) can be found under scrub oak and sends its flowers up through the shrubs by twining around the branches until the flower head appears above the drab shrub some two to five feet from the ground with a cluster of bright pink flowers. This plant is found on rocky slopes and flats, usually in chaparral, in the Sierra foothills and down the inner Coast ranges. Plants are never found in full sun, although along the coast they can be grown in mostly full sun. The corms are deeply set in the ground where the soil dries out completely in the summer. Cultivation is achieved by growing the corms in a deep pot (such as a 1 gallon) and allowing the plant to go into a dry summer dormancy period. When in active growth, water with a dilute fertilizer. It is necessary to provide the inflorescence with a branch or stake to climb on.
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