Seedling Care?

Robert Lauf via pbs
Fri, 22 Jan 2021 08:19:55 PST
I received a bunch of seeds of summer-dormant species from the SX and other nice ones from Gastil, and all have germinated marvelously.  They include Brunsvigia, Boophone, Massonia, Veltheimia, and numerous Lachenalias.  They are currently thriving in my cool greenhouse.

My question:  When summer comes, because they are small, should I let them grow through the first summer or should I withhold water and let them go dormant?  If they go dormant, should I move them to the Dry Table of Death until fall, along with the Urgineas and the adult Lachenalias, or should I give them a brief rest and start them back into growth a little earlier?  If I keep them growing over the summer, would it be advisable to move them out of the greenhouse to avoid the daily misting so they don't stay too wet?

OK, that was more than one question, but I'm sure many of our veteran growers can answer the whole thing in one or two sentences.

Thanks in advance!

Bob      Zone 7 where it's still a gloomy 36 degrees
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