PRACTICAL Greenhouse Advice/ cinder block foundations and walls

Mike Rummerfield via pbs
Sat, 09 Jan 2021 17:48:17 PST
Something to keep in mind when using cinder block/concrete block (or the
new name - concrete masonry unit (CMU) -  a name that rolls right off the
tongue)  -  they are very porous and present a minimal barrier to the
penetration of water and moisture (unless you're talking about solid
concrete block).  I learned the hard way.  Since I rebuilt the north wall
(4ft, or 1.2m high) of my custom greenhouse with CMUs (on a poured concrete
foundation) the humidity level in the greenhouse has elevated to the point
where it's a real problem, even with a circulation fan running 24/7.
During our frequent rainy periods the wall can be saturated for long

As a result, trying to keep Botrytis under control is a major issue during
coolish conditions, at least in my climate.  This was not much of a problem
when that wall was plastic.
I plan on sealing the exterior side of the wall this summer to see if that
will help ameliorate the problem.

Afraid I don't know what a better building material would be.  Maybe poured
concrete stem walls?  Or another type of block that's not porous?

This is just something to consider when building or upgrading a greenhouse.

Thank you, Jim, for all your practical advice and experience.

Western Washington
zn 7, cool mediterranean

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