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First of all. I think you're looking for a book on Hippeastrum not Amaryllis.

And no I don't have any recommendations but that has also to do that I'm not buying books anymore for a long time. All information nowadays whether good or bad can be found digitally on the internet. I would recommend to subscribe to interesting FB groups or other social media.

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Can anyone recommend a good book or other resource on amaryllis breeding, and in particular, breeding amaryllis with related genera?

Naturally, I expect we have some members who are pros in this niche, and if someone would like to offer a quick summary of such things as:

compatible genera
hardiness of the offspring
dominance of particular traits (color, double flowers, etc.)

your insights would be most welcome.

I always like to learn from the mistakes of others, because there just isn't time to make them all myself!

Thanks in advance.

Bob    Zone 7   where reginae and johnsonii are hardy, as are the hybrids I made from regenii and a 'Salmon Pearl' seedling...
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