Greenhouse monitoring & alarms, glazing

Keith Maw via pbs
Sun, 10 Jan 2021 21:12:39 PST
I’ve been using a smart sensor from SensorPush. I have a basic temperature/humidity sensor that communicates with an iPhone app using low-energy Bluetooth (BLE).  The sensor pushes logged data to the app whenever it is in range, and the app can display the logs in various formats, export, hi/low alarms, etc. Basic sensor is tiny (about 2 powered by a $2 battery for 18 months or so.  Range advertised as 100M, but with intervening objects my range is about 150 feet. App supports multiple sensors.  SensorPush also sells a wifi gateway ($100) that I have not yet tried. Sensors push data to the gateway which then uploads to a free cloud account that supports a browser-based dashboard, email alerts, API. SensorPush says this can then provide support to other IoT clients to control devices, etc.

I reglazed my home-built 10X24 freestanding “cool” solar greenhouse last year.  It was glazed with recycled double-pane patio glass 30 or more years ago. Built a new window support structure from 2x6 cedar decking, covered with 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate.  Three 2’x4’ Bayliss-operated roof vents provide ventilation, supplemented by a 24” fan/vent to lower humidity in the winter.  Cooler in summer, warmer in winter.  Back and side walls are thick concrete, and with a 300G water tank little supplemental heat is needed here in Zone 8.

Keith Maw
Brier, WA
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