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Arnold, if you could post pictures of your floor and and heating
system, that would be great!


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>  I think the greenhouse topic is a great one.
> I installed a Lord and Burnham greenhouse about six years ago.
> It's a lean to with access only from the house.
> It's 7 x 12 feet and sits on a masonry foundation to match the rest of the
> house.  Challenge was to find the old brownstone and find someone who knew
> how to build it.
> I was lucky to stumble upon a resident in my town that was doing a
> renovation and taking down an old part of the house which was the same age
> as mine.  For $50 I had the contractor dump the demolished foundation in my
> driveway.
> Contractor installed a concrete footing and 12 " cinder block to grade and
> than a 6 " block for a knee wall.  He cut the back off the brownstones and
> faced the concrete block to match the existing foundation.
> I made the floor of the greenhouse just 5 inches lower than the house
> floor.  Didn't want a leak running into the house.
> There's a floor drain connected to an outdoor drain that ends in a sloping
> bank of ivy in front of the house.
> I used a concrete slab wit ha radiant heating system.
> I had the radiant floor installed knowing that at some point I would get
> to the heating system.  Until then I had an electric heater.
> Ridge vent is connected to a thermostat as is the radiant system.
> The ridge vent closed at 50 F and heat comes on at 42 F.  I didn't want
> one system turning on or off the other.
> I had a home water heater failure so I installed a Weil McClain mini
> furnace  ( 100,000 BTU) that makes hot water.  One loop goes to the radiant
> greenhouse floor and the other into a highly efficient tank for domestic
> hot water.
> I have not seen a dramatic increase in gas utility bills.  I attribute
> this to the highly efficient domestic hot water system.
> Teh old stand alone tanks are not efficient at water storage.
> I had awning window installed on the long south facing side. Which I can
> open in spring and summer.
> One problem is that I have to get down on hands and knees to open and
> close the awning windows and further complicated by the fact that they are
> under the greenhouse benches.
> I have nothing in the greenhouse in summer so shading isn't an issue.
> The radiant floor is installed on a QP floor with a 2 inch aluminized foam
> board under the concrete and an 8 inch piece inserted to separates the
> exterior wall from the slab.  Much heat is lost as the floor radiates heat
> to the exterior wall foundation.  I tried to minimize that with the
> vertical foam board.
> I can send pictures if anyone is interested.
> ArnoldNew Jersey
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