Robert Lauf via pbs
Tue, 19 Jan 2021 08:35:50 PST
The cells are about 2" deep and fit in the standard 10 X 20" black trays.  They are individually perforated (as opposed to the 4- and 6-packs used for veggies and bedding plants) so you can easily break off a few to give to visiting garden friends.  Amazon has pages and pages of such stuff, but it's cheaper at the local farmer's supply store.  They have everything from 6 cells per tray (great for planting small bonsai) to over 100 cells, as well as sheets of the 4- and 6-packs.  Personally, I save those when I buy veggies in spring and use them often for seedlings as a way station to 3" square pots.

Another advantage is that before you use them, the sheets will nest, so you can have a stack of them and it doesn't take up much room until you plant it.
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