Propagating orchids from seed

R Hansen via pbs
Thu, 28 Jan 2021 12:33:30 PST
I have two Cypripediums, very mature plants, given to me by a friend when
she had to move. They've been in large pots for several years. I know I can
divide them if I do it now, but today I discovered several seedpods on C.
montanum. One reference I have suggests some hardy orchids can be sown on
sterile sphagnum in a sterile pot covered with a sheet of glass.


My question is this: Will the soil from my Cyps have the right fungus or
mycorrhiza that if used to sow the seed will enable germination? These
plants were in the ground in a garden and when I dug them, did not remove
the soil around their roots when I potted them in a container mix. 


Robin Hansen

Southwest Oregon

Where I question why I'm freezing myself when I could be inside and warm.

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