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Fri, 08 Jan 2021 09:51:24 PST
 Here's a photo of the radiant heating system.
For those who aren't familiar this a a typical masonry walled basement here in the NE USA.
The furnace on the left of the picture has a connection to a pump that pushes water to either the greenhouse floor through the red PEX or into the stand by tank for domestic hot water through the copper pipes.  

There is a coil in the tank that transfers heat from the loop to the water stored in the tank.
The large tank is super insulated and keeps water hot for a long time.
There are valves on the return side of each system that controls where the hot water will go.  A thermostat in the tank and a thermostat in the greenhouse controls those return valves. 

When either zone requires heat the furnace goes on and the pump sends out hot water.  Where it goes depends on the  status of the return valves.


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