Double Hippeastrum

Vlad Hempel via pbs
Wed, 27 Jan 2021 13:21:24 PST
Hello Bob,
H. puniceum var alberti is a double species form and most of the double hybrids today originated from it.
Only very few doubles have a pistil and are generally not fertile, but some are. I grow only one like this, a local hybrid from Taiwan.
There are also methods to triger doubles in Hippeastrum and other Amaryllidaceae genera. Forgot how it is called, but a certain chemical is used to create double Zephyranthes, this I know for sure. I am convinced there are some other similar methods that the Dutch breeders use + the genes from H. puniceum var alberti or its hybrids.
Hope this helps,

Vlad Hempel

    On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 09:50:34 PM GMT+1, Robert Lauf via pbs <> wrote:  
 Can anyone advise on how double flowering is inherited in Hippeastrum?  I have pods going on several plants using pollen from Marquis, a large white double.  The Marquis didn't have anything that looked like a recognizable pistil, but did make enough pollen for several crosses with other things.

Bob   Zone 7
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