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Lorena Gorsche via pbs
Tue, 19 Jan 2021 10:57:10 PST
From Lake Oswego, Oregon.

While watching my Camassia quamash come up, some say earlier than usual, I decided to try my luck with seeds. 

Example: Clarkia amoeba, fair well to spring, seed packet said ‘plant in fall’. I planted Jan 17th. Seeds just up last week, moved a few seedlings. Started under a cloche.

Sweet pea Cuphia is up, reseeded from last year, transplanted  yesterday! 

Transplanted three California poppies last week. Their doing well.

New to PNW, watching gardeners last year, planting, while I read wait until May. 

Weeds are growing, why not go for it. Cloches do have value. Fun to be using my collection of many years, not exclusively. 

Concerned about slugs, I sprinkled hazel nut shells around and over some seedlings. I  discovered some shells still have nuts....I’m hoping the resident chipmunk and vole, I’ve been planting and spraying garlic all around to deter doesn’t find out!  Lots of garlic plants coming up!

Unsure of name of a Camassia, sent to me from JW, little luck blooming in her SF Bay Area dry garden.  The bulbs are much larger than C. quamash, they started growth two months before C. Quamash. Could it be C. Scillodies?

Living 6 miles from the Camassia Perserve in West Lynn, I’m anxious to grow them. It’s been closed due to the @#$&%, only small paths no way to social distance. 

Lorena Land PNW


> On Jan 19, 2021, at 9:30 AM, R Hansen via pbs <> wrote:
> Lemon harvest. There are at least that many still left on the tree. So
> cheerful for a cold gloomy January. The tree is a Meyer Lemon on Flying
> Dragon rootstock so it will never get more than 3-5 feet tall and is hardy
> to about 20 F in its pot in an unheated greenhouse. 
> Next to it is my first Narcissus bulbocodium. Coum are blooming, encouraging
> the other bulbs to start pushing. Never mind winter - I'm ready to plant now
> but don't know if I should as pots are frozen but ground is not.
> Robin Hansen
> Southwest Oregon
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