Hippeastrum of Bolivia

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Tue, 01 Jun 2021 12:13:31 PDT
Just some comments as some of you, I'm sure, are suffering some sticker shock at the cost of shipping a book to Canada and other non-EU countries. PBS will certainly make a little money for selling these books, but we were also the publishers and printers which brings added expenses long before you see the book. Mailing prices have gone up astronomically since the pandemic began, and these we have no control over at all. Arnold has researched rates extensively and has tried to offer the fairest rates he can.

The money we make as a non-profit organization is spent on The Bulb Garden quarterly, on internet media in various forms, including the website and wiki, multiple seed and bulb exchanges based in the USA and in Germany, and on Mary Sue Ittner Bulb Grants every year. This year we were able to grant three of these for research at $500 each. You can read more about who and where these grants are used for research in the latest issue of BG which will arrive shortly. As you know, we focus on bulbs, loosely defined, and this year that research is going on in Mexico, Argentina and India, so if you suspect a college student or upper-level student might be interested, please have them apply. Information is on our website. We ask that recipients write an article for the quarterly so you will be among the first to hear their results.

The Board is very pleased with this first effort at publishing, despite its long process and multiple snags and confusions. We hope you enjoy it!

Regards and happy summer!

Robin Hansen
Pacific Bulb Society

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