Bill Welch's Narcissus stock

Jeron Chamberlain via pbs
Thu, 03 Jun 2021 17:31:54 PDT
I had purchased some bulbs from Bill back five or six years ago before he passed away.  When I found out he had passed I looked around on the web to see if you could buy his bulbs anywhere.  Here is what I found.

Jaminia Colliard of Mountain Oaks Farm sells cut flowers and bulbs at the farmers markets in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The bulbs would be for sale in probably August and September.  It looks like they sell at San Mateo, Mountain View, Saratoga, and Fort Mason farmers markets, and maybe some others.  I understand they may have also sold bulbs at Bill's former farm, which it appears that Jaminia inherited from Bill.  It is my understanding that she is still active with the Daffodil Society, and has written a recent articles about Bill, as well as some in the past, which you can access through their website and journal.  Her farm has a presence on Instagram and Facebook, and you may be able to message her through either.  I haven't tried myself.  You can look up Bill's registered varieties on DaffSeek under William R.P. (Bill) Welch.

Eden's blooms is the only place I have found selling his bulbs online.  They currently had a fire and are not selling bulbs, but hope to resume in 2021, according to their website.  

Hope this is helpful to someone.

In the Sacramento Valley where is certainly hot.

> On 06/03/2021 3:24 PM Jane McGary via pbs <> wrote:
> We have an inquiry via the website asking where Bill "the Bulb Baron" 
> Welch's Narcissus are now being grown. I can't find this information in 
> the list archive, though one post mentions the nursery Edensblooms, 
> which is in Arizona. Can someone give me better information to pass on 
> to the inquirer, please?
> Jane McGary
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