Seed collections

Denis Kearns via pbs
Wed, 30 Jun 2021 11:22:35 PDT
I’ve collected native seed for research projects, conservation storage,
restoration and revegetation projects, and just for fun.  It can be tricky
getting permits from foreign countries due to conservation and biopiracy
issues.  As mentioned by another PBSer, finding the target population at
the right time to collect can be a problem, especially for those plants
that only occur scattered across the landscape or those whose seed matures
sequentially.  I’ve identified a population of yellow Calochortus (C.
clavatus or C. luteus) that I’d like to collect, but waiting for the
current drought to end.  If folks are interested in any of the local
natives (Central to Northern California), I’d be happy to try and collect
seed, assuming we exit the current drought.  Over 100 degrees here in the
San Joaquin desert and expect it to remain so until the fall.

- Denis
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