Cyphostemma segmentatum seed advice?

Steve Marak via pbs
Thu, 17 Jun 2021 10:53:51 PDT
Thanks, Tim.

So, for a plant which grows on a northern hemisphere schedule (leafs out 
in March-April) and is making a seed pod now, the right time would be? 
Summer or fall of 2022? Or wait until spring of 2023?


On 6/17/2021 11:42 AM, Tim Harvey via pbs wrote:
> It is a geophyte, and the seeds need no special treatment except a year or so of aging and planting at the right time.
> Regards,
>   T
> Subject: Re: [pbs] Cyphostemma segmentatum seed advice?
> Is it not? There's some kind of underground structure there, though I
> don't know botanically what sort. It's always grown with just the neck
> of the tuber (or whatever it is) and the deciduous foliage above ground
> for me, never as a caudiciform, so I just assumed it was within the
> mandate. But if it's not appropriate here then sorry, and I'll ask that
> any replies be sent to me personally.
> Steve
>>> Internet comments are consistent in using words like "erratic" and "difficult" about germination, but then range from "most will germinate ... eventually" to "sow in vitro". I can do in vitro if it's necessary, or more accurately my wife, who flasks all our orchid seed, can, but ... does anyone know if it really is? And if so, have any advice on the protocols (seed sterilization, medium, nutrient levels, etc. etc.)?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Steve

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