Lilium pumilum flowering

David Pilling via pbs
Mon, 28 Jun 2021 07:47:00 PDT

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On 28/06/2021 14:04, Nils Hasenbein via pbs wrote:
> Dear all,
> my Lilium pumilum has started flowering. Though orange is such a common 
> lily color, these particular glossy flowers are amazing. I grew them for 
> the first time and now have two from three commercial bulbs (I suspect 
> slugs got the third shoot, they have been a nuisance this year), which I 
> hope will multiply - the small flowers and the delicate foliage work 
> great together, but they grow quite long and look a bit leggy. I 
> definitely need more.
> All the best,
> Nils
> in the middle of Germany, where summer came late but with fierce 
> determination and severals days over 30 °C. It's hot and humid now, with 
> thunderstorms likely during the next days. More slugs ...

David Pilling
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