Boophone II

Jim Foster via pbs
Wed, 16 Jun 2021 07:56:03 PDT
I have a collection of Boophone inflorescence's of various sizes which 
I've painted different colors from red to deep blue.  I am going to use 
as a mobile in my kitchen.  I have a polished black bamboo rod as the 
rack from which they will be hung.  Right now I'm trying to figure out 
how to do that.

I also painted one flat black and mounted it on a traditional British 
pith helmet for Burning Man.  Most people had no idea what it was and 
were astounded that it came from a plant

I have a Brunsvigia josephinae the size of a small soccer ball which 
flowers here around mid July.  I am going to have to remove a limb from 
a large Kalanchoe bahrensis above it so it can reach full height in 
flower.  Last year it had to bend over and looked awkward.


Santa Barbara

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