Nomocharis aperta

David Pilling via pbs
Mon, 07 Jun 2021 18:38:08 PDT

The photo that was originally included with the post below is available 
from the scrubbed link at the end.

(the original post failed because only .jpg photos are allowed)

On 07/06/2021 19:27, Jane McGary via pbs wrote:
> Attached is a photo of Nomocharis aperta in my former garden, which was 
> in the Cascade foothills. It was cooler and a bit wetter than where I 
> live now in a Portland suburb. In addition to the Nomocharis, I had a 
> lot of success with Meconopsis, as Steve describes for his northwestern 
> Washington location.  I can't grow either one now.
> Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

David Pilling
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