Nomocharis aperta

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Mon, 07 Jun 2021 12:39:48 PDT
Did everyone else get Jane’s attachment?  I didn’t get the Mecoopsis ones from Steve, either.  


> On Jun 7, 2021, at 11:27 AM, Jane McGary via pbs <> wrote:
> Attached is a photo of Nomocharis aperta in my former garden, which was in the Cascade foothills. It was cooler and a bit wetter than where I live now in a Portland suburb. In addition to the Nomocharis, I had a lot of success with Meconopsis, as Steve describes for his northwestern Washington location.  I can't grow either one now.
> Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA
> On 6/7/2021 9:42 AM, stephen willson via pbs wrote:
>> I'm posting some pictures of N. aperta (now Lilium aperta) that are flowering for me right now.  These were grown from seed planted three years ago.  I have about ten seedlings that will flower this year, with another eight or so needing a year more.  Flowering stems have between 1 and 5 flower buds.  Some of the bulbs have produced two flowering stalks.  Seed was obtained from Chinese Alpines in early 2018 and sown in flats.  After the seedlings reached a suitable size these were potted-on into Anderson Band pots where they grew until recently in a cold-frame to provide some protection from winter rains.  Some I have now moved to a raised concrete planter that is in a protected location near the house.  The drainage in the planter is very good, so I hope the winter drainage concern will be satisfied.  For me, living in the Pacific Northwest - near the coast and mid-way between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada - they have proven relatively straightforward to grow; on par, say, with L. n
>>  epalense and mackliniae which also do well here.  From my limited experience they are easier than the other alpine-type lilies I have tried, such as L. henrici, lophophorum and souliei.  I also grow Meconopsis and various Primula species which are flowering well at the moment, so these somewhat tricky plants do well for me in my location.  It is a pity that seeds are so rarely offered of Nomocharis.  I hope one day to find seeds of N. pardanthina but these are only rarely offered by NARGS and SRGC.  But in the meanwhile I will enjoy these special flowers while they last!
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