Cyphostemma segmentatum seed advice?

Steve Marak via pbs
Wed, 16 Jun 2021 19:38:46 PDT
I've had some trials with this plant (photo attached, probably). It took 
a couple of years to settle in, then I found out the hard way the stems 
are quite brittle (Silver Linings Department - they root easily enough), 
but I finally had some flowers this year. They're small, but with a lot 
of daubing I have one seed capsule.

Internet comments are consistent in using words like "erratic" and 
"difficult" about germination, but then range from "most will germinate 
... eventually" to "sow in vitro". I can do in vitro if it's necessary, 
or more accurately my wife, who flasks all our orchid seed, can, but ... 
does anyone know if it really is? And if so, have any advice on the 
protocols (seed sterilization, medium, nutrient levels, etc. etc.)?


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