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> On a related note, thanks to the SX (and Gastil as well!), I have a bunch
> of containers filled with Lachenalia seedlings.  They almost look like a
> patch of grass.  If someone can tell me how/when to move them on to more
> spacious pots, I'm all ears.
> Bob   Zone 7
> I keep them growing into the late spring early summer until they start to
die back at which time I let them go dormant.  I then move the small bulbs
to larger containers.  I am currently growing mine in 5" (12.6 cm) pots
that are 6" (15.2 cm) deep.  I grow them outside here in Seattle where they
have survived our unusual 18" of snow last month and a few light frosts
here in Seattle.   They are against a west facing wall or in my open bulb
bench well above ground level.  They will start blooming for me late this
month or early April.

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