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Wed, 24 Mar 2021 21:25:33 PDT
My first job out of college I worked for General Mills in West Virginia.  I
had at the time the lone territory where Gold Medal flour was not the
market leader.

My first spring there I was asked to go harvest ramps.  Being a city kid
from the midwest, had no idea what they were, but hey I was game. Besides
hiking in the woods and mountains East of Charleston is beautiful country.

I was introduced to this truly mountain delicacy in soup, stuffing, salads
etc....I would not think about ramps again until I saw them at Wholefoods a
few years back. Now a hip food from the wild forest with a price in the
stratosphere.  I had to laugh too, as one of the things about ramps is in
many people they metabolize and leave a unique odor lingering on those that
eat them.......it’s not that you smell like a walking  voodoo lily but the
scent is uniquely ramps....

Allium Tricoccum : ramps, wild leeks, rampons.....in WV it’s getting to be
ramp season soon.....the ritual my friends tied to finding and preparing
them was almost like a crawfish boil.

So that’s my edible bulb tale. Anyone else have a ramp story...they sure
tasted great to me.

San Diego
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