Roundup, Monsanto, et al

R Hansen via pbs
Sat, 27 Mar 2021 10:16:11 PDT
Ok, folks, let's move on. This topic has been rehashed a number of times. If you don't quote the source of your facts, you are entitled to opinions but let's keep them fact-based. There is too much going on in our gardens as it is. 

I have all these very similar looking Muscari and will start dumping if they don't have obvious and special features. Like other folks, I think what I have going absolutely rampant is Spanish bluebell or something similar. This is a serious weed for us and I'll get rid of it if I have to dig every single one!

I have Erythronium tuolumnense flowering, always before its hybrid 'Pagoda', plus E. oreganum and E. revolutum. E. tuo as I call it has the loveliest deep yellow flowers, several to a stem. Then there are the super cute little Trillium rivales (some of them pink, even), T. cuneatum which I have not yet killed, soon to have T. luteum, ovatum and kurabayashii plus other tinies that will soon go in the rock garden.

We are briefly in a nice sort of a warm spell although more rain is coming. Time to take advantage. Now that I have peace for two whole days from the contractors, I must get to work.

Robin Hansen
President, PBS

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