Iris reticulata, how many years to bloom

Jack G. via pbs
Mon, 01 Mar 2021 10:08:29 PST
Hello all. Hopefully I've attached this picture correctly.

It is a deep purple Iris reticulata that is blooming in one of my
alpine troughs but I did not knowingly plant it there. Mostly I have
lighter blues and yellows in this trough. But four years ago I started
collecting seeds and re-planting them in the fall, and have done so
each year. I did put some in this same location, but I don't know if
3-4 years is long enough for a plant to reach blooming size because
everything I read says 5-7 years.

It is also possible that this plant has been there all along and
simply did not bloom several years in a row. I don't always divide
them as well as I should, so I'm not sure which scenario is more

Does anybody here breed Iris reticulata? If so, how long does it take
them to reach blooming size? Or do any of your adult plants go several
years without blooming?
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