Erythronium tuolumnense

Robert Parks via pbs
Sat, 27 Mar 2021 13:24:11 PDT
In other groups (I grew up around botanists), LBJ-Little Brown Jobbie,
DYC-Damned Yellow Composite (now DYA for Asteraceae), and the Eastern and
Western Flapwing (nondescript birds between the size of an LBJ and crow or
small raptor). There was a lot of describing plants by family (Turnip for
some reason for Brassicaceae, Daisy, Scroph, Cucumber).

Here the predominant landscape flowers are invasive Oxalis and Aeonium
(both putting out lovely yellow displays). In the garden, a number of tree
daisies are coming into bloom (Rojasianthe superba and Roldana (Senecio)
petasitis), along with any number of Cape composites. Besides all the
Oxalis putting on lots of little shows, Pelargonium incrassatum is showing
its ridiculous magenta pink flowers, Leucocoryne is still going strong
(garden center bulbs, but still wow!). Lachenalia is in a lull at the
moment, with just a few, before the current crop of spikes open. Tropaeolum
brachyceras took off and tangled in the Bomareas and is making its
miniature show, and one of the Bomareas is in bud. Off in the corner is the
unlikely blood red of Geissorhiza. In the back, Ranunculus.

On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 12:40 PM R Hansen via pbs <> wrote:

> Per Jane's description of reproduction of Erythronium multiscapideum and E.
> hendersonii, I get few if any offsets with either one. Fortunately I've
> been
> able to get seed from Alplains and am determined to build a quantity of E.
> hendersonii.
> E. tuo, as I call it, has very shiny medium green leaves that are quite
> showy but of course, not like its hybrid 'Pagoda' whose flowers are a
> larger
> softer, creamy yellow with brown-patterned leaves. Both do well for me.
> And thanks for the lesson on tuolumnense! Pronouncing this one drives me
> bonkers so in desperation I often refer to it by the abbreviated 'tuo', but
> I know it's naughty of me to do that. Although no worse than when out
> hiking, and someone pops out with "oh, there's a LBB" as in little brown
> bird...or LYC for little yellow composite of which there are too many to
> count...
> Gorgeous day here. Back to work!
> Robin Hansen
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