Freesia Alba Seeds

Mckyla Earl via pbs
Tue, 23 Mar 2021 09:43:56 PDT
I purchased 40 freesia alba seeds and planted 20 in early January and 20 in
early February. The instructions that it came with suggested soaking in
smoke solution. In the January batch I soaked for 24 hrs in warm water and
the February batch I soaked in smoke solution, planting those that swelled
and changing the water each day until all swelled. I planted them all in
cow pots with a vermiculite/peat/perlite mixture about 1cm deep. I keep
them moist but not soaking wet. Up until March 1st I kept them in a dark
room that was kept at around 65° per all the research I could find. Only 1
germinated. I emailed Mary Sue to ask her advice and she suggested I move
them somewhere with light and fluctuating temperature. They are now in an
unheated, bright side section of my house where the temp fluctuates between
50° and 65°. Within a week 1 of my February batch germinated. It's now been
almost a month and there's still nothing from either batches. Should I just
give up? Now I'm worried that if they do somehow germinate they won't
survive the heat of summer. I live in Redding, CA and it gets up to 115°. I
would keep them in the side room so it would probably be 90°. I'm at a loss
of what to do and why they won't germinate. Any help would be appreciated!

Redding, CA
Zone 9b
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