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I agree completely with Kipp's cogent statement of the issue and wholeheartedly support his suggestion that PBS consider putting the links on our web site (perhaps after more issues have been scanned).  We might add a disclaimer that these are being made available for the benefit of individual researchers, or something to that effect, if anyone is worried about it.  If any members are lawyers, perhaps they can weigh in.  But in general, I think posting these documents is a great idea and a significant public service.

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  Given that no one is attempting to sell anything, the publishing organization is defunct, most authors have likely left this world and, in any case, none of them would have been opposed to dissemination of their work to current and future generations of horticulturalists: I think we are in safe territory.

  Otherwise, we are choosing handwringing about truly insubstantial copyright concerns over creating an archive of some very useful horticultural information. I would go so far as to assert that The Society has a positive obligation to preserve/archive this content that more than justifies the minor, hypothetical transgression.

  The Society should make these pdfs available on the website. The worst that could happen is a cease-and-desist letter (that will never come because no one will pay a lawyer to write one). If that zero-likelihood event were to occur, we could remove the pdfs from the website.

  Let us be bold and make this contribution to horticultural posterity.
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