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Johannes Ulrich Urban via pbs
Wed, 17 Mar 2021 15:40:10 PDT
Dear PBS members living in the EU

The donation period for bulbs for the spring EU bulb exchange is now 
open. Every paid member with a postal address in the EU can participate, 
it is called an exchange but you do not need to be a donor. Please send 
your surplus bulbs to

Martin Bohnet

Ludwigstr. 1

73035 Göppingen


Please make sure that the bulbs are clean and free of pests, nobody 
wants to spread any pests to other members or the manager of the BX. And 
label each bag with the name of the plant and your own name, the 
pre-packing procedure does not apply to bulb donations.

We are very sorry that we cannot include our UK members, at least not 
into this current BX. Regulations after Brexit have become so 
complicated and expensive that we cannot handle this as a small society. 
We try to find a solution for the future.

The US based BX and SX is open to all members, please make sure you do 
not mix up the two different schemes.

Closure of the donations will be March 31st, there will be a reminder a 
few days before. At the moment postal services in the EU are erratic and 
very slow sometimes, so please keep this in mind and send your donations 
as soon as possible. Please send an email to Martin, announcing your 
donation so he will know about it in case of postal delays. 

This is meant to be an exchange for summer growing bulbs, so do not 
worry if your spring bulbs are still in the green, there will be another 
BX in September.

You can find the full instructions for the EU seed and bulb exchange 

By all means do not hesitate to contact me in case of questions:

Martin and Uli

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