A Central California fieldtrip in Late May?

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Hi Kipp, 

Oh my gosh! I’m so interested I could bust. Such a gift your offering. Sign me up. I’m hoping life resumes ‘normal’ what ever that was. 


> On Mar 18, 2021, at 6:47 PM, Kipp McMichael via pbs <pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net> wrote:
> Greetings,
>  For several years now I have made annual forays throughout California to see wildflowers, especially geophytes, in their terested. native habitat. I'm sure other PBS members might enjoy trips like this but some of these trips are rather grueling affairs requiring hours-long drives between far-flung patches where a few rare taxa grow.
>  In San Luis Obispo County however, once can find a multitude of taxa in proximal locations perfectly arrayed for a flower-finding day trip. Jane's recent inquiry about late May flowers near the City of San Luis Obispo inspired me to finally follow through on an idea I've toyed-with for years now: A guided tour of native geophytes for PBS members.
>  My proposal is this: I could lead a car-based day trip around San Luis Obispo County (starting at 9am in the City of SLO and ending on the coast north of San Simeon, CA in the afternoon) on May 23 (Sunday) or May 24th (Monday) of this year. All of the destinations would be within a 5-minute walk from the car with 30-45 minutes being the longest drive between stops.
>  Whatever the interest, I will be making a trip to SLO in late May to meet Jane there and take in the flowers. If there is interest from other PBS members who might like to also meet us there on 5/23 or 5/24, please let me know.
>  To be clear, I have neither sought nor received official sanction for this event from the PBS so, for now, this is not an official PBS event (though PBS member are its most likely participants). Open to anyone who wishes to follow Jane and I as we drive around SLO County looking for flowers.
>  Every season is different, but the taxa I have seen in previous late-May excursions include:
>  *   Calochortus venustus
>  *   C. obispoensis
>  *   C. luteus (dwarf costal form)
>  *   C. albus (white coastal dwarf)
>  *   C. albus var rubellus
>  *   C. clavatus var clavatus
>  *   C. clavatus var recurvifolius
>  *   C. argillosus (Central Coast form)
>  *   Triteleia ixioides
>  *   Brodiaea terrestris
>  *   Fritillaria biflora
>  *   Cirsium occidentale var compactum
>  *   Allium, Dichelotemma, Dudleya etc
>  *   too many annuals to name
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