Narcissus albimarginatus

Jane McGary via pbs
Wed, 03 Mar 2021 17:02:13 PST
I tried pollinating the three flowering plants this morning. They are 
under a transparent roof, so they have been dry. There seemed to be 
plenty of pollen -- I use a tiny, stiff artist's brush. The stigma on 
these flowers is well below the anthers, so having the stiff brush 
allows one to move in "like a bee" and reach the stigma easily. Harold 
Koopowitz advised me on this and remarked that newly opened Narcissus  
flowers can be receptive. That rather surprised me, because I'm more 
used to plants in which the anthers don't dehisce (release the pollen) 
for several days after the flower opens.

Kurt must have had good luck pollinating this species the year I bought 
the seeds, because six healthy clones resulted (just three in flower so 
far). We'll see how it goes here on the Pacific coast.

It seems unusual that Moroccan species do well in my region, which has 
cool, wet winters and temperate summers. I think most of them are under 
cover in my bulb house, but it has sides of wire mesh so the temperature 
is very near the outdoor level. Acis tingitana is particularly good 
there right now.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

On 3/3/2021 3:33 PM, Carlos Jiménez via pbs wrote:
> Hi
> Even Kurt Vickery said last week on FB that he has trouble in pollinating
> albimarginatus. It would be great to cross those clones. I must admit that
> I would be most pleased to swap some of the resulting seeds. I have two
> bulbs from him, but still too young to flower. I would be happy to swap
> pollen in following years.
> I live in a city on SE Spain, we have few rainy days or even dew, and
> flowers are normally dry. Wild plants obviously get moist in the
> countryside but I think it is better to wait until flowers are dry. Anyway
> all you have to do is wait until the anthers release the pollen and take
> some with a toothpick, then onto the stigma.  I have had good results doing
> this on flowers that have just opened, but as you know they last for some
> days and the receptive window is quite wide.
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