Iris reticulata, how many years to bloom

Jack G. via pbs
Mon, 01 Mar 2021 13:15:59 PST
Kenneth, grow these in an alpine trough in central West Virginia, USA,
which is Z6a(ish). They need adequately rocky soil and dry summers to
survive. I often cover their trough with plexiglass for a couple of months
in summer to keep them bone dry. Most don't normally look like this,
though. Mine are paler, bluer, and/or yellower. This one is exceptionally
dark, and my question about it concerns how likely it is that A) seedlings
could bloom before year 5, or that B) a plant I've had unknowingly would go
several years without blooming. I'm not sure how likely either of those
really are, but that's the only way it could have popped up where it is!

On another list somebody told me that this closely resembles what in the UK
is sold as Iris reticulata cv. 'Pauline.' I am certain I have never
purchased nor planted that, but even if I had I would not have bought just
a single bulb. Haha.
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