Fritillaria affinis triploid forms

Jane McGary via pbs
Mon, 08 Mar 2021 17:06:56 PST
There has been some discussion of the triploid variants of Fritillaria 
affinis found in a few parts of the San Francisco Bay area, the best 
known being the clone 'Wayne Roderick'. These were once called var. 
tristulis, now not recognized as a valid name. I've been labeling the 
digital scans of a large number of slides left by David Hale of 
Portland, with the aim of preserving their accessibility for at least as 
long as this medium is used. I just came across photos of three 
"tristulis" forms including 'Wayne Roderick' with a location written on 
the slide mounts. It gives mileage and a reference to "Farm B." (I'm not 
being exact about this, for understandable reasons.) Does anyone in the 
Bay area know if this population still exists? Probably the great 
California plantsman Wayne Roderick himself took David to the site, as 
they sometimes traveled together in California.

I knew David for many years and traveled a few times with him and his 
wife, Donna. Although aware of his photo archive, I never saw all of it, 
and going through the 1200+ slides I chose out of many, many more to 
have digitized has been an awe-inspiring experience. It ranges from the 
familiar wildflowers of our Pacific Northwest region to his discovery of 
the gold-flecked crimson Nototriche of the high Peruvian Andes. I will 
check with Donna and their daughter to see if it's all right to post 
some of these photos on the PBS wiki.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

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