May Wilfdlower Foray in San Luis Obispo County

Jane McGary via pbs
Sun, 28 Mar 2021 21:00:59 PDT
Hello, Kipp,

Thanks so much for organizing this! I will get someone to give me a ride 
to Laguna Lake Park on Sunday. I'm staying with family members at a 
rented vacation house in SLO somewhere and there will be a couple of 
cars there, so if I can get a driver up that early -- after a wedding 
dinner-dance -- I'll do that, or call a taxi. I hope it's still OK for 
me to ride with you. I will be fully vaccinated as of April 12, and so 
are my relatives. The wedding stuff is all outdoors. I'll bring a lunch, 
etc., on the excursion. I think carpooling is safe as long as people 
wear masks and leave the windows open.

Best regards,


On 3/28/2021 6:14 PM, Kipp McMichael via pbs wrote:
> Greetings,
>     Response to the May wildflower foray has been vigorous! Here are specifics regarding the date and location. I will be leading a foray on Sunday, May 23rd 2021. We will start in the City of San Luis Obispo at Laguna Lake Park at 9am and end on the coast north of Cambria in the afternoon.
>     The locations in-between these spots will be partially based on group interest and partially based on what the landscape has to offer. I will be doing a scouting trip on Saturday to check which of the many possible spots to see flowers are actually worth a stop.
>     The distance between stops will be 30-45 minutes at most (several will be less) and all the driving will be on paved roads. Cell service will not be consistent so we will make sure to confirm destinations as we leave stops.
>     Most of our stops will have enough roadside pullouts or other parking spaces to allow for plenty of cars but some of our potential stops are spots without ample parking. In short: We need to carpool. "Carpool" is certainly a spooky word in these days of the pandemic, but many of us will be fully vaccinated by late May so hopefully the prospect of shared rides will not be a sticking point. The smallest number of cars will allow the largest set of destinations and taxa to be seen.
>    Here's a link to a google signup form. Some of you have already responded privately but filling out this form will make managing attendees much easier for me:
>    Let's all cross our fingers for decent spring rains until May 22nd!
> -|<ipp
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