Looking for Canna x ehemanii and/or C iridiflora

Judy Glattstein via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 11:49:08 PST
The ground here in western New Jersey is still covered with snow, now 
glazed with ice. The sun is shining. I went in the basement where 
dormant pots of bulbs are stored. Lo and behold, Eucomis pole-evansii 
has sprouted! But this year I caught it at only a couple of inches tall 
with tightly furled shoots rather than expanded floppy leaves.

What does this have to do with cannas? Not much except A) It is March 
and B) I have faith that spring will come.

I like cannas because up until last year the deer did not eat them. I 
have C. musaefolia, C. flaccida 'Purpurea', C. 'Tropicana', C. 'Bengal 
Tiger' (unless it is C. 'Tropicana'.) Used to have C. 'Stuttgart' but 
gave up on it - it sunburned so easily.

The flowering of CC x ehemanii and iridiflora intrigues me. A quick 
Google show nothing apparently for sale. Can anyone suggest a source, or 
have any to share?


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