2021 Request for Donations

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Hi Lumimita,

I have a rather large clump of Iris pumila (fragrant and flowers twice a year), a large clump of an allium that I can't remember which one but the blooms are pretty attracts bees and butterflies and the leaves are a culinary delight that have a delicious garlic flavor and another clump of Iris cristata (blue form and very pretty). They're both perfectly hardy in the Northeast (Cambridge zone 6b and pretty dang cold at times) If there's interest in the group I'll box up some when the weather warms. Please let me know.

Fred Biasella 

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Dear all

A new season of exchanges is starting -  if you have any seeds and/or bulbs to be donated for these exchanges - please do so now. I will wait 2 weeks before opening the first exchange around mid March, any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind the following:

   PBS survives with your contributions.
   The rare plants that we all enjoy survive in many gardens when we give
to     spread the seeds and the bulbs.
   We are volunteers that love plants.
   Only members in the PBS can receive seeds. Please renew if you are behind, subscribe if you are not a member.

Please send all donations to my address:

Luminita Vollmer
10540 Aquila Ave So
Bloomington, MN 55438

Give me a heads-up email if you plan or have mailed something, so I watch for the packages, we still have cold weather during the nights.
My e-mail is

     * pbslv.exchange@gmail.com <pbslv.exchange@gmail.com>*

Thank you,
Luminita Vollmer
PBS Xchange Mgr
Zone 4-5
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