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> *......*
> *A. ursinum is now commonly called "Bärlauch", "Bear's garlic" in
> Germany.... .*

Where I live now (Mastricht, in Limburg province, Netherlands) it is common
in the woodlands, overgrown gardens, parks, even on the edges of playing
The Dutch call it 'Daslook', which translates to 'Badger Garlic'. It's not
so wild here for bears, we have to make do with badgers.

> *I now sometimes receive some pesto with foraged A. ursinum as a gift, and
> it's quite nice.*

I agree. It's lovely and bright green, and I think the taste is not too
intense. But then, I am used to eating a LOT of normal garlic :)
My German neighbour (from the Black Forest) brought some she made as a
gift. Happy Spring!
Last year when removing a bunch that had sprouted up amongst the equally
colonizing Muscari in the vegetable patch,I added washed Daslook bulbs to a
vegetable ferment I was making.
By the time it was ready to eat, they had lost most of their flavour, but
still contributed a nice crunch.

> *potential danger of mistakenly collecting leaves of Convallaria (I dont
> know a single place where Convallaria grows in the Forests around here ...)*

Interesting. That warning would be wise in this area. Even in my own
In the local forests the two do intermingle. I teach the kids to smell
before eating.

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