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Nils Hasenbein via pbs
Fri, 26 Mar 2021 09:25:49 PDT
Thank you all for your comments on RoundUp and Glyphosate! I did not 
want to stir up an emotional debate (though I love to when teaching; 
there sure is no straight answer, but I think nowadays, everyone should 
at least have some idea about the pros and cons of the methods we use to 
produce our food).

Though I will turn to chemical agents if necessary, I never had to 
resort to using it myself. I am asked sometimes by people who do, and 
who think they need to, and I try to advise them to use alternative 
methods or as little as possible, due to the reason I gave and 
additionally due to several of the points Erik made. This, however, is 
independent from RoundUp/Glyphosate itself - I would give the same 
advice for every chemical treatment: Read the instructions, use as 
little as you can and as much as you must. Your recommendations for 
usage will help a lot, thank you!

As Tim said; every chemical has its side effects. There is progress, 
made mainly through the very tiresome circle of admission, monitoring, 
regulation, and we now know much about Glyphosate we did not know 
before. The big companies make mistakes as everyone does, but they, too, 
contribute a lot of good data - who else should pay for admission 
studies? Disinterestedness is a noble goal to pursue, and almost 
impossible to reach in applied science, but that does not excuse anyone 
from making the effort ... The stuff which was used before the chemicals 
we have now was in many cases much worse. As I tried to express, we have 
a new type of problem which was impossible to spot when the stuff was 
first developed. We never used anything in these quantities, for such a 
long time. And long-term, cumulative, small effects and interactions 
between diverse ingredients are the most difficult to see.


--- Just having spotted the first shoots of Fritillaria camschatcensis 
and Martagon Lilies; I am going to sow my Tomatoes now. 
Ranunculus/Ficaria is native and abundant here, and I love seeing it in 
the wild. I am glad, however, that our sunny, exposed garden is a little 
too dry for it to spread...

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