Cyp. Orchids In SoCal ( temperate type)

Nicholas Plummer via pbs
Tue, 30 Mar 2021 07:43:01 PDT
Hi Mike,

Have you tried Cypripedium formosanum?  I have had some limited success
with it in hot humid NC, growing it outside under shade cloth in summer and
overwintering on the floor of my greenhouse where temps are probably in the
40s-low 50s.   It seems to like to start growing in late winter and go
dormant in August, so its main growing period is in the cooler spring
months.  I haven't tried the full double-pot evaporative cooling method,
but I have the plastic pot sitting in a larger terracotta pot to insulate
the roots somewhat from the worst of the sun.

My long-term success with N. American cyps in NC has been zero, even though
I was successful growing several species in pots when I lived in Michigan
and native C. pubescens grow a couple of miles from my house.  I think the
problem is that most of the nursery stock of N. American species comes from
northern populations, and they don't adapt well to our long summers and
mild winters. C. formosanum seems to be perfectly happy with a mild winter.


On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 8:20 PM Mike via pbs <> wrote:

> Hey Erik,
> Yes he is the person who I corresponded
> with on the process for potting up my orchids. He felt I had a decent
> opportunity for success, since had a cooler and dryer environment then he
> does in Southern Japan. He has a very good set of YouTube videos on many of
> the temperate orchid in general.  He also shared a friend of his for me to
> purchase the orchids from who has a west coast nursery. As far as the
> growing media. I think I’ve been guided down the same path. They wanted a
> little moisture retentive media just in case I run into a Santa Ana wind
> event for a few days they can be devastatingly dry.
> So I followed Botony Boy’s directions pretty much of the way.
> He was very quick to respond too my inquiry.
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