EU Bulb Exchange to come

Johannes Ulrich Urban via pbs
Thu, 04 Mar 2021 13:12:01 PST
Dear members living in the EU and the UK,

This spring EU seed exchange has successfully been done. We are planning a bulb exchange for which we will announce a donation period at the end of March.
This mail is meant as an information only. Covering such a wide geographical area with differing climates a bulb exchange at the beginning of April for summer growing bulbs is at the same time early and late. We set this time window to avoid frost damage in the mail on one hand and still be early enough for planting on the other hand.
So.... please think of your fellow gardening friends and set aside surplus material before planting. If both big bulbs and small offsets of the same plant are available the small ones are the better choice for the BX.
There is no need to worry about bulbs still in growth as there will be another bulb and seed exchange in September.

Please give us your feedback about timing and splitting into bulb and seed exchange.

Thank you very much in advance

For our members in the UK we have bad news, very unfortunately. After gathering as much information as possible and after discussing the matter we had to decide that we cannot include you in this bulb exchange. As a society we cannot ignore the legal frame for shipping plant material across EU-Borders. Please believe us that we are writing this to you with a heavy heart. We will closely follow the decision making process and please, do let us know if there are any informations on this matter that might have escaped us. Both the EU and the UK require phytosanitary certificates on any imported plant material (seed is exempted until April 1st) which makes an exchange impossible both ways for a small society like the PBS. We hope to find a solution for later exchanges but cannot promise anything.
We are very sorry about this.

The US-based seed exchange remains open for all members but you have to check the regulations of your home country.

Martin and Uli

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