Edibility of Bulbs - Muscari /Helianthus

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While visiting Puglia in the spring of 2010, Muscari comusum bulbs were
featured in dishes we ate at restaurants.  I also purchased a jar of
pickled bulbs at a farmstand.  The entire time I was eating them, I assumed
they were onions with an unusual flavor.  It wasn't until learning more
about the regional foods of Puglia that I realized they were in fact
Muscari bulbs.


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> > Last year when removing a bunch that had sprouted up amongst the equally
> > colonizing Muscari in the vegetable patch,I added washed Daslook bulbs
> to a
> > vegetable ferment I was making.
> Your mention of muscari reminds me that I repeatedly read about Muscari
> comosum being edible, and both the german and the english Wikipedia
> report that it's a delicacy in Greece and especially on Crete. Does
> anybody have any experience eating them? The other Muscari seem to be
> bland to mildy toxic/irritating.
> A word on Helianthus tuberosus, Jerusalem artichoke: It is commonly sold
> in Germany in Whole Food (so called "Bio")Markets. Most people I know
> who tried it had severy stomach problems afterwards, due to the high
> inulin content. It is said you can adapt to that, and the taste is
> actually quite nice. They come in many sizes and some colors and are
> actually nice cutflowers (to me), but they are very, very aggressive
> spreaders, regenerating exteremely quickly and hiding quite deep in the
> soil. It took me several years to remove them completely from a patch
> where i planted just a single tuber. Several friends grow them in
> remote, sunny, rich patches of the garden, more for the late summer
> flower display than for food. But I guess when you have no problems
> eating it, it is a very productive vegetable. There is also a spirit
> distilled from it in Germany (as from basically any starchy root...),
> called "Topinambur" (same as the plant'c common name), or "Rossler".
> Nils
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