Narcissus radinganorum

Jane McGary via pbs
Mon, 01 Mar 2021 09:14:12 PST
Hi Kathy,

No need to scan your book -- I have ordered one already. It was 66 
pounds from the bookseller, though, plus postage.

I found N. albimarginatus as an accepted name on the Kew Plant List. I'm 
glad to know it's something special. I think there are three clones, 
maybe four, in the pot. The seed came from Kurt Vickery. It's right next 
to another treasure, Tulipa regelii. The narcissus plants look vigorous 
-- pretty sure the bulbs have already increased a bit.

Best regards,


On 2/28/2021 9:03 PM, Kathryn Andersen via pbs wrote:
> Hi Jane,
> I have seen N. radinganorum growing in a park in SE Spain.  It is a sturdy little thing at a location  recommended by John Blanchard.  In his book, Michael Salmon refers to radingnorum as N. hispanicus ssp. radinganorum.
> N. albimarginatus is  very, very rare.  Guard it with your life!    Your description matches the picture.  It is from a remote location in Moroco.
> If you would like, I can try to scan in the pages facing the pictures which include descriptions and maps.
> The book is so large, I don't know if I can do it.
> Best,
> Kathy
> 610-933=1855
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