Iris iberica seed germination

Robert Nold via pbs
Tue, 30 Mar 2021 15:38:01 PDT
>I have obtained seeds of Iris iberica subsp. iberica. I have read that they
have a low germination rate and that specialists resort to forced
germination using the arillusom incision method. I am certainly not able to
practise this method. I would therefore like to know if there is a simpler
method to promote germination. Is it true that the seeds must be stratified
in winter? So when should they be sown?

Seeds of oncocyclus iris species which are native to regions with cold
winters do require a cold treatment in order to germinate. 
Reports suggest that the seeds require some months at 4C, then some months
at 21C. This alternation of temperatures is repeated until the seeds
Seeds germinate erratically, taking any time between one year and twenty

The forced germination technique is actually quite easy. If I can do it,
anyone can.…

Bob Nold
Denver, Colorado

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